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Properly storing pastry products is one of the most critical tasks that both smaller and larger bakeries must undertake. Professional pastry displays specifically constitute the essential equipment for establishments selling confectioneries. However, not every piece of furniture will meet safety criteria. At ZPD Cebea, we excel in designing and manufacturing devices that not only ensure proper conditions for storing cakes and pastries but also showcase goods in a way that encourages purchases.

Why do refrigerated displays play such a crucial role?

Food facilities must meet several requirements related to ensuring the hygiene of the items they sell. For bakeries, enabling customers to purchase fresh, delicious cakes with excellent taste and aroma is crucial. A properly designed and executed refrigerated display plays a significant role in this aspect.

It’s equipment that, thanks to modern technologies, allows confectioneries to be stored at reduced temperatures, thereby extending their shelf life. Moreover, for some pastries containing creams or decorative elements made of chocolate, the conditions in confectionery devices prevent bacteria growth and the rapid melting of these components.

Another function of refrigerated displays is adequate product exposure. Customers can see what cakes are currently available for sale, presenting the appearance of each baked good. For many, the visual aspect is vital, especially for confectioneries intended as desserts for guests. Specialized refrigerated counters allow showcasing the entire range and enticing customers to purchase the finest cakes.

High-quality Counters and Refrigerated Displays

As seasoned experts, we design refrigerated displays suitable for equipping bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, or hypermarkets. These are energy-efficient devices enabling the setting of the right temperature depending on the stored food items. To effectively display goods, LED lighting can be incorporated. Our refrigeration units come with specially designed, openable glass doors (such as hinged versions), sturdy and thick enough to showcase delicacies without shattering if leaned against. Additionally, the convenience of easy-to-use sliding shelves facilitates the insertion and removal of pastries for staff.

Elegant Design

Our company offers refrigerated displays and counters in various sizes and shapes. The wide array of products allows every establishment to choose the best model that perfectly fits its specific space. We understand that bakeries or restaurants must focus not only on proper product storage but also on a coherent interior arrangement.

Hence, we also pay attention to visual aspects. Every shelf, rack, and cabinet is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that our refrigeration units, with their elegant design and simple form, suit both traditional and modern establishments.

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