Quality policy

The Management Board of Zakład Produkcji Doświadczalnej CEBEA Sp. z o.o. in Bochnia, it undertakes in its statutory scope to constantly identify and meet the needs of its clients.

This is achieved through the implementation of orders for the production of refrigeration equipment in accordance with recognized technical and legal requirements in accordance with the requirements contained in contracts with customers and maintaining care for maintaining a specific quality standard in all stages of product implementation.

To achieve these goals, the Quality Management System implemented in the Plant according to the requirements described in the Quality Book, Procedures and Instructions is used, which in its ideological assumptions is based on industry, national and European standards and regulations, in particular on the PN-EN ISO 9001 standard: 2015, the use of “good practices” of leading industry companies and the absorption of technological progress in the field of refrigeration.

The system is subject to continuous improvement through systematic verification to ensure its effectiveness and meet the changing requirements of the customer.

The Quality Representative oversees the effective functioning of the system, who is responsible for introducing changes and supervising the Quality Management System.

Our Quality Policy is the commitment of the entire plant crew to perform their activities in accordance with the records and requirements contained in the documentation of the Quality Management System of Zakład Produkcji Doświadczalnej CEBEA Sp. z o. o. in Bochnia.

I am personally responsible for determining the content of the quality policy, its implementation, implementation and periodic verification.